Snooki has Multiplied of the Day

her name is dena cortese and she’s on jersey shore, i never heard of her, cuz i don’t watch jersey shore and i never will, but it does explain why she’s channeling snooki and that’s because they are the same fucking person…

like the gremlin you’d expect snooki to be, someone must have got this bitch wet or fed her after midnight or maybe she just got herself wet and fed herself after midnight, cuz based on snooki’s size and shape, that’s probably how it usually goes down…and she multiplied

but unfortunately, with all mainstream crap, all the people involved in the specific scene are pretty much the exact fucking same, cookie cutter version of their boring, obvious, useless, selves in the way they dress, the way they talk, the way they act, the music they like and everything about them, and i guess these trash pictures prove that.

i hate giving jersey shore more attention that i have to…but sometimes i slip up and the good news is that no one reads my site…so it’s like i”m talking to my fucking self in the corner…only damaging to me.

what a fucking pig of a person this bitch is….will this ever end…..


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